Metal Pendant Locket


Antique Stirling Silver Pendant Locket

Traditionally this large Antique Stirling Silver pendant locket with a locking compartment is a piece of jewellery, holding much allure and mystery for the owner.   This was acquired by our client in Cape Town, South Africa.

Locket’s Broken Chain Loop

The chain loop was broken perhaps due to stress from the weight of the chain.  The less than 3mm metal edge of the chain loop would have been secured on the outer edge of the locking compartment.  The intricate grape wine embossed patterns both on the inside and outside of the locket were dulled from ingrained dirt and tarnish.

Antique Stirling Silver Locket After Restoration

Started by removing the hinge pin to separate the compartments for ease of mechanical and chemical cleaning.  Repeatedly polished the locket with the different grades of cushioned abrasives and finished with conservation silver polish.  Ensured no damage from heat treatment was made to the chain loop when securing it to the locket.


This is what the client had to say!

"This locket carries special memories as additional income was a challenge and i had just divorced. I worked casually at the shop from where I purchased this silver alloy locket. My boss offered me a discount to make it possible for me to own this intricately embossed pendant locket. This locket marks my last casual employment, just before moving to a permanent job in Windhoek, Namibia." Carol J Millward South African resident