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Restoration & Conservation Services

Porcelain | Paper | Metal | Wood | Leather | Fabrics | Clocks | And More

At Studio d’Antique Conservation, we provide professional services to restore and conserve your priceless objects. The objects can be vintage or antique!

With every object, we gather information from our clients, research, provide an in-depth report on the procedure undertaken with visual progression up to the point of completion.

We encourage every client to give us their testimonial and permission to advertise on our website and social media handles.

Other Services

Replica of the original

When an original artefact is fragile and cannot withstand chemical processing, we recommend creating a replica of the original.

Fine art commissions

Commission us for your specific artistic requirements e.g. paintings, interior decor, murals, exhibition setups, book illustrations or paraphernalia.

Art workshops

Customized art workshops to meet your specific goals e.g. ‘O’ or ‘A’ level exam portfolios; art for hobbyists; up-cycle waste into art.

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