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Dipti Fernandes

Professional Restorer & Conservator

As a fine artist, Dipti has worked with a range of mediums, subjects and techniques. She continues to provide guidance to art learners to know their unique styles and develop their artistic talents through art classes. Dipti has continued to exhibit both in solo and joint exhibitions. Forever inquisitive, creating the same enthusiasm in her art learners.

At the Studio d’Antique Conservation – Kenya, Dipti has professionally conserved porcelain, paper, metal, leather, wood, fabrics and more …


Projects Completed, With Hands On Experience With Porcelain, Paper, Metal, Leather, Wood, Fabrics And More.


Exhibitions. Fine art in variety of mediums, techniques – classical, contemporary, tribal/folk art, modern. 

Industry recognition

  • Asian Foundation – historical exhibits at the National Museum of Kenya
  • Studio d’Antique Conservation’s Dipti Fernandes, is recognised by
    The South African Guild of Objects Restorers & Conservators
  • Guru Nanak Sahib Ji Women Entrepreneurs award 2019 Great Companies

VeRes Code of Ethics

At Studio d’Antique Conservation, with pride we adhere to the VeRes Code of Ethics – the Dutch Association of Professional restorers, and trained by the S A Institute Guild of Objects Restorers & Conservators. The aim is to ensure standards and compliance are maintained in four areas of responsibility.

Restoration means you entrust your valuable objects to us, envisioning the object restored to its original glory.

  • Respect of the object’s integrity, reversibility and suitability of treatments, restraint in action and quality competently.
  • Require our clientele to provide insurance cover for the object. The contract provides the background of the object, damage condition, treatment steps, estimated costs and time to complete the project. We strive to update our clients continuously.
  • Respect our colleagues, trainees and the profession with consultation and reference from the South African Institute of Objects Conservation.
  • Be obliged to educate and protect the public about restoration and conservation.

Fine art activities by Dipti

  • 2023 – Asian Foundation – art effects depicting embankments of the harsh terrain of Tsavo
  • 2023 – O level students art portfolio, illustration for book ‘Saudade by Manasi Shekhar’ 
  • Ongoing art learners ages 5 upwards
  • Art murals for Hare Rama Hare Krishna – ISKON Kenya
  • 2000 solo exhibition

Highlights of our experience and expertise

With many years of experience under our belt, we always strive to work harder and continuously learn and improve in this ever changing and competitive industry. 


  • Asian Foundation Exhibit – Bust of Manillal Ambalal Desai, property of the Desai Memorial Foundation – damages were restored and conserved.
  • 670-year-old Tibetan Oil painting – ‘God of Eternal Knowledge’
  • Oriental Porcelain Ewer – with dragons, fire, and floral motifs under the glaze, with gold gild on the lip
  • Antique Meiji porcelain tea set, its original case, and Japanese trade mark label
  • Crystal chandeliers, wall mounts – Austrian and English
  • Eleanora’s garden print on rice paper – by the Belgian artist Pierre Alechinsky
  • Rusted Keys, Damaged photo frames, trophies
  • Ebony carvings, walnut wood chest, stone artefacts, and other objects d’art
  • Early 1930’ Fabric sashes for horse riding tournaments
Highlighting a few restoration examples. Some clients request us to maintain their identity and their object as ‘private and confidential’.

Awards & Honors

Our work is always based on team-effort, working together to not only create lasting friendships but produce lasting memories.

  • 2000 – Solo exhibition of 80 artworks of landscapes, wildlife, people, flora and fauna
  • 2001-2002 – Joint exhibitions with Kenyans artifacts Asian origin at Alliance Francaise, Ramoma Gallery and Arte Fairs
  • Designed logo for The Colobus Sanctuary of Kenya
  • 1995 onwards – completed health farm interiors; wall murals for All Africa Hindu Council conference and private homes
  • 1990 onwards – taught children, ‘O’, ‘A’ level students and adults various art forms
  • 1966 onwards – developed fine art skills