Goddess of Knowledge – by Unknown Artist


Object Description

16th Century Hand painted “Goddess of Knowledge”, by unknown artist. Oil on canvass, previously restored and lacquered. This painting was stretched on a wooden frame.

Before Restoration

Damage Condition

This art work had a prominent fissure crack running from the dogs paw vertically up to the goddess’ halo. The wooden frame was warped, canvas was stressed, painting is fragile. No glass on the painting, thus dust and environment was aging the painting more rapidly.

After Restoration

We removed the surface dirt with cotton buds soaked in cleaning agents. Removed the canvas from the warped frame. Straightened the frame. Relaxed the fissure crack, re-filled with oil paint, re-lacquered with matt glaze. Artwork was carefully re-stretched first on a ph neutral board, secured onto the frame, and a non-reflective glass to reduce aging of the painting due to sunlight and environmental conditions.

This work now hangs with no direct sunlight. We have recommended a replica to be made by our chief artist.