Ewer, possibly Chinese or Oriental, used to serve wine


Our client had acquired this porcelain vase from a French antique dealer in the early 70’s. He realized just before leaving his Paris hotel that the neck was broken in 3 parts and was taped with sellotape. If only it was not damaged, thought the client… 45 years later, our client wondered if we could restore his Ewer.

Before Restoration

Object description

This Ewer was used to serve wine and was a highly vitrified porcelain fired in temperatures over 900 degrees. 20 cm tall perfectly balanced from neck, belly to base. The 8 sides are beautifully decorated with dragons, phoenix, flowers, scrolls and leaves hand painted in 5 rich oriental colors over the glaze. Oriental blue lines and markings on the base are under the glaze. Finished with gold gild on the patterns and lip.

Damage condition

Previously adhered and was discolored to a deep brown with a missing handle.

After restoration

Studio d’Antiques Conservation have had the honor of restoring this Ewer.

This is what the client had to say!

Dear Dipti, you have restored it to its former glory. A beautiful job, well done! Thank you. Adi Nairobi, Kenya